2020 Program Sessions

335. (Re)Theorizing Nineteenth-Century Materiality

1:45 PM–3:00 PM Jan 10, 2020 (US - Pacific)

Sheraton - Issaquah

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1: ‘The Vibrations Which Shake Our Whole System’: Acoustic Aesthetics and Moral Sensibility in George Eliot’s Fiction

Elizabeth Weybright, Graduate Center, City U of New York

2: Life on the Rocks: Celia Thaxter's Drift-Weed Aesthetics

Vesna Kuiken, U at Albany, State U of New York

3: ‘Here Goes the Testator and a Pedigree!’: Burning Finance and the Family in the Victorian Novel

Sarah Ross, Johns Hopkins U, MD

4: In the Space between Materiality and Corporeality: Fugitive Slave Advertisements

Srimayee Basu, U of Florida

Related Material: For related material, write to sross30@jhu.edu or eweybright@gradcenter.cuny.edu after 1 Jan.


Priti Joshi, U of Puget Sound


Priti Joshi, U of Puget Sound