2020 Program Sessions

055. Mentoring Workshop for Job Seekers in Languages

1:45 PM–3:00 PM Jan 9, 2020 (US - Pacific)

WSCC - Tahoma 1

Session Information

Description: This workshop offers small-group mentoring on the job search—inside and outside the academy—focusing on applying to and working in different types of academic institutions and in different kinds of positions, as well as focusing on nonacademic humanities career paths. This mentoring workshop is not intended to replace one-on-one job counseling that can be scheduled at other times during the convention.


Holly Cashman, U of New Hampshire, Durham

Brian DeGrazia, MLA

Barbara K. Kosta, U of Arizona

Carole A. Kruger, Davidson C

Christopher M. Lupke, U of Alberta

Tomonori Nagano, LaGuardia Community C, City U of New York


Megan M. Ferry, Union C, NY