2020 Program Sessions

211. Beyond the Pleasure Principle: A Centenary Roundtable

8:30 AM–9:45 AM Jan 10, 2020 (US - Pacific)

WSCC - 607

Session Information

Description: Beyond the Pleasure Principle announced Freud’s theory of the death drive in 1920. In the intervening century it has had a profound impact on many areas of humanistic study, including narrative theory, feminist and queer theory, trauma studies, and the environmental humanities. This session brings together scholars from a range of fields and disciplines to discuss the insights, legacy, and prospective futures of this enduringly strange book.


Dina Al-Kassim, U of British Columbia, Vancouver

Peter Brooks, Princeton U

Lee Edelman, Tufts U

Omnia El Shakry, U of California, Davis

Grace Lavery, U of California, Berkeley

Ankhi Mukherjee, U of Oxford


Paul K. Saint-Amour, U of Pennsylvania