2020 Program Sessions

705. Mobilizing the Humanities: Building the Supercommons

10:15 AM–11:30 AM Jan 12, 2020 (US - Pacific)

WSCC - 201

Session Information

Description: Exploring the supercommons—a network of platforms facilitating collaboration for digital, experimental, public, and mobilized humanities research—speakers discuss the challenges and affordances of their work in the supercommons, which facilitates nimble, low-cost, and technologically lightweight collaborations beyond boundaries of institution, grant-funding, job role, and traditional reward mechanisms within the academy.

Related Material: For related material, visit http://hcommons.org after 16 Dec.


Christina Boyles, Michigan State U

Sylvia Fernández, U of Houston

Linda Garcia Merchant, U of Nebraska, Lincoln

Alexander Gil, Columbia U

Jessica Marie Johnson, Johns Hopkins U, MD

Roopika Risam, Salem State U


Marisa Parham, Amherst C