2020 Program Sessions

368. Teaching the History of the English Language

3:30 PM–4:45 PM Jan 10, 2020 (US - Pacific)

Sheraton - Willow A

Session Information

Description: This roundtable introduces our MLA Options for Teaching volume on teaching the history of the English language (2019), intended to be a resource for nonspecialists and seasoned instructors alike who teach what is often a mainstay course for many English departments. Participants address teaching with a focus on creativity, prescriptivism, course structure, classroom strategies, and local versus global perspectives.


David Blackmore, New Jersey City U

Anne Curzan, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Andrew Pantos, Metropolitan State U of Denver

Jennifer Stone, U of Alaska, Anchorage

Wendolyn Weber, Metropolitan State U of Denver

Tara Williams, Oregon State U


Colette V. Moore, U of Washington, Seattle

Chris Palmer, Kennesaw State U