2020 Program Sessions

175. Empires, States, Forms

7:00 PM–8:15 PM Jan 9, 2020 (US - Pacific)

WSCC - 203

Session Information


1: Failure to Assimilate into Postempire Modernity in Joseph Roth’s Juden auf Wanderschaft

Nicole Burgoyne, U of Chicago

2: ‘Man Withered Away’: Being Hungarian versus Being Human in Endre Ady’s Short Stories

Atticus Doherty, Brown U

3: ‘Sand in the Gearbox of Antihumanity’: Lev Detela’s Idea of an Anarchic Central Europe

Paul Buchholz, Emory U

4: The Seminal Case of the ‘Führer-Poet’: Octavian Goga’s Agressive Campaign for Reshaping Romanian National Identity

Andrei-Cristian Neguț, West U of Timișoara


Lilla Balint, U of California, Berkeley